Sunday, May 22, 2011

Who's that lucky girl?

Am I really that lucky??? Err...when she said that straight to my face its kinda hmm...idk how to describe it. Is she jealous of me??? I'll be so flattered if she does. Hahahaha...sounds cruel! Stop it Lulu! U r not that dumb stupid! Trust ur instinct plz! U know they always right! Dun live on denial! Face it! And punch her face! Wowowowowowo...that's too dramatic! HAHAHAHAHA


  1. ?????? kindly confius with this story...what happened beb....

  2. hhahaha oh my my my gosh!!yes u are the lucky gurl ;p

  3. ieyra: I'll update u later ;p
    AZR: Hahaha...hopefully! Tetttt~ ;p