Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Have a blast Hari Raya,guyz!!!

helloooooo...everyone! i know its kinda late to wishing Selamat Hari Raya to all of u but i think it's not too late, am i rite??? hehe ;p n my family r going back to daddy's hometown which is at Tg.Tualang,Perak. (9/9/2010) we depart from home around 2 p.m n reached at Kellie's Castle 4.30 p.m n capturing some photo's (some??? it's plenty,man! haha).

(10/9/2010) Friday, It's Raya Day!!!

i woke up around 8 a.m (yeahhh i knew it's kinda late!) n guess what??? i've got cough n my head is spinning around! haihhhhh
around 10 a.m we go to cemetery at Sg.Durian...Atok's grave. i never met him coz he died since my dad 18 years old (if i'm not mistaken). i wish i've known him...later we goes to Opah Wah's home. then go back to Batu 26...n so many relatives came to Opah's house. i'm kinda restless coz i'm not feeling well that day.

(11/9/2010) Saturday, Going to Cameron Highland's for the 1st time! haha...lucky me!

around 9 a.m we r going to Cameron, it takes 2 hours from Opah's home. around 11 a.m we reach at Cameron Valley Tea House...having breakfast there n hunting some awesome pictures with my bro's n cousin's...we r so crazy!!! then we going to Atok's Dahalan home...a few hours later we r going to some places at Cameron such Rose Valley n bla bla bla! i can't remember!!! hahahaha...sorry! i'm getting older day by day! it's normal,okie!!!

(12/9/2010) Sunday, Going back to KL

woke up at 8.42 a.m (that's what i remember, haha) brush my teeth then breakfast hehe...later take a shower then goes to Pak Long's home. It's open house time! eat,eat,eat,eat, still eating! haha...after that we r going to Cik Normah's home. then going back to kl...we reached at our home at 6.55 p.m. then i'm going to wangsa walk with kak ayu n her ehem2. we r playing's not my lucky day! i'm sucks!!! okie...that's all. bubbye guyz! have a blast hari raya!!!

p.s: i'm still got 'duit raya'...hahahaha i'm so lucky!!!