Monday, June 13, 2011

Trust your instinct. Have faith on it. Listen to lil voice in your head. Do what your heart says. Pray for the best.

Real eyes realize real lies.
No one can defined who u are, Lady Gaga.

I'm agreed with her. Okie...I have a confession I'm very sensitive and emotional person. Hard to believe...isn't it? Yup, I looks so tough and emo proof from the outside. But in the inside I'm so fragile. When people hurting me and I'm bout to cry I always respond by showing some anger or be cynical to them. Sometimes I'm just laugh like nothing would hurt me. But deep down inside of me are falling apart.

What I really hates in life is when someone told me lies. Even it's white but it's still a lie. But I'll forgive them if they makes confession and come clean bout it. But if he/she cover it up with more lies and I knew the truth. That person will be such a dead meat! I'm not saying I'm gonna kill him/her. I leave it to God. I believe in karma. So, caution! U just buy a ticket to ride the karma coaster.

I've been used before by someone I really love and care about. It's sucks and hurts. I've been told with lies. I don't know why they did that. Maybe that's what they have been taught to live by take an advantage from others. They thought just because I'm a strong person so they have the right to hurt me. Too much pain will makes u grow stronger. Yup, I agreed with that. But, u don't have the right to hurt me all over again.

Thx a lot for using me.

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