Monday, May 16, 2011

hey hey hey peeps!

Sorry coz it's been a long long time I haven't updated my bloody hell blog. Well, actually I'm kinda typeless coz of the 'memories' that hunted me for months! I dun care if u think I'm being pathethic or what. But that's what I really felt. At least, I ain't lying to myself. Life's have ups and downs it's a circle I mean cycle! Lifecycle! That's the word! Okie...for the previous post if u notice it's kinda heartbreaking moment for me. Actually I don't want to talk bout E (now I named him as monkey...plz agree with me! haha) but only here I can express my feeling tho. If u feel this is annoying...stop reading! Hahahahahaha...just kidding!

Hmm...I don't know why I'm giving him a second chance. Usually, I didn't give my ex's a second chance. I'm too naive for L.O.V.E. (trust me!!!) I don't know if he really deserve this second chance but somehow and sometimes he show me that he's change to be a better person for me but mostly errrr...IDK! So, let the destiny decide for us. If he's never meant to be for me then let it be. I'll be fine. I can live without him...again.

Uhh okie...enough! It's bout me now!

Thx God I've finished my exam, thesis and studies =)
Right now I really miss to go to class and teasing my classmates. I <3 them! All of u! (VIP: Ieyra O'neil, Elin R, Nurul Ariffah, Carla Cluk & Nur Aniqah )  Since I've finished my studies I have to move back to my parents. I hate to say gud bye to my housemates! Especially to my bloody hell bff (u know who u r!) She's always be a supportive listener to me. And her name is Naira not Nera, okieeeee. HAHAHAHAHA

                                             * I'm gonna miss y'all!


  1. sedey la wehhhh...t'igt kenangan kte men uno card =(

  2. best la blogggg awk..nk sign???huhuhu suke bc blog awkkkkk... :)

  3. byk merepek je awk! thx sbb ske =) nk sign kt mne ni? ;p