Sunday, May 22, 2011

Who's that lucky girl?

Am I really that lucky??? Err...when she said that straight to my face its kinda hmm...idk how to describe it. Is she jealous of me??? I'll be so flattered if she does. Hahahaha...sounds cruel! Stop it Lulu! U r not that dumb stupid! Trust ur instinct plz! U know they always right! Dun live on denial! Face it! And punch her face! Wowowowowowo...that's too dramatic! HAHAHAHAHA

Monday, May 16, 2011

hey hey hey peeps!

Sorry coz it's been a long long time I haven't updated my bloody hell blog. Well, actually I'm kinda typeless coz of the 'memories' that hunted me for months! I dun care if u think I'm being pathethic or what. But that's what I really felt. At least, I ain't lying to myself. Life's have ups and downs it's a circle I mean cycle! Lifecycle! That's the word! Okie...for the previous post if u notice it's kinda heartbreaking moment for me. Actually I don't want to talk bout E (now I named him as monkey...plz agree with me! haha) but only here I can express my feeling tho. If u feel this is annoying...stop reading! Hahahahahaha...just kidding!

Hmm...I don't know why I'm giving him a second chance. Usually, I didn't give my ex's a second chance. I'm too naive for L.O.V.E. (trust me!!!) I don't know if he really deserve this second chance but somehow and sometimes he show me that he's change to be a better person for me but mostly errrr...IDK! So, let the destiny decide for us. If he's never meant to be for me then let it be. I'll be fine. I can live without him...again.

Uhh okie...enough! It's bout me now!

Thx God I've finished my exam, thesis and studies =)
Right now I really miss to go to class and teasing my classmates. I <3 them! All of u! (VIP: Ieyra O'neil, Elin R, Nurul Ariffah, Carla Cluk & Nur Aniqah )  Since I've finished my studies I have to move back to my parents. I hate to say gud bye to my housemates! Especially to my bloody hell bff (u know who u r!) She's always be a supportive listener to me. And her name is Naira not Nera, okieeeee. HAHAHAHAHA

                                             * I'm gonna miss y'all!