Wednesday, October 27, 2010

hit the road!


me, ieyra, aza and ferol went to kinokuniya at klcc...just have fun there hahaha ;p
i'm so tense that day! the classes is over but i've got plenty of ASSignment that has to be done (already submit...yeayyyy!)

there's a few of my pic

KISS OF LIFE...hehe ;p

mirror mirror on the book who's the bitch?

okie, this is my video...hahahahaha

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

dun hate the player! hate the game, baby!!!

first, when we met i like u then i luv u
it's easy to fall in luv with sum1 like u
but easy come easy go
and i juz go with the flow
every lil things that u said its all a big lies
but i'm just act like i dun know anything
coz i want to see how far u would go

it's time for me to say gud bye
coz i'm done with no more tries
i dun want to be fooled with your lies
u would see me no more tears in my eyes
and i have to fly so high
leaving you with questions why's?

easy to answer why
coz i'm giving u what u deserve in a first place
it's all bout karma, baby
dun hate me...juz hate the game
the game that u create
we juz the player
and i'm playing by the rules
what u give u'll get back
gud luck in your journey...onwards!

Monday, October 18, 2010

a girl like me

she's crazy
vulnerable, but no ones knows
she sucks it up all,alone
she's afraid
with all the games she played
she thinks she's stand by herself

when she was younger
everybody's says she's juz a lil girl
they dun trust her in any ways
she's juz smile n pretend everything is okie
even she's not

she doesn't want they to know
that she's weak
she's not a coward
but juz scared
doing the same mistakes
over n over again

she's need to find the strength inside
and she continue searching
eventhough sometimes she wants
to give up it all n juz die

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alhamdulillah...finally i've got a placement for my internship!

it's been hard days for me and my friends seeking for our internship first i felt kinda excited,worried,scared and bla bla bla. many companies asked us why our requirement for internship is 2 months? we only takes for 3 months...minimum! haihhhh...sometimes my tongue kinda stuttered to gives an answers. some of them give a look like something wrong with us. but most of them giving a good response =)

last week we all goes to carrier fair at mid valley...ohh there's some in relevant q's they asked me such as "r u Malaysian?" i look different from other Malaysian??? only Allah knows.
damn...i'm so stressed out,man! on that day, for the 1st time i ate nasi ayam penyet! it's so delicious hehe ;p

today...Alhamdulillah finally i've got a placement for my internship =)

Monday, October 4, 2010 be love or to be hate??? i choose to hate!!!

surprise isn't it??? well bff means bitch fren forever...haha i juz twisted it lil bit ;p

y u have to be like this?! i put my trust on u,man!

u keeps on giving some lame excuses...damn! i'm totally don't trust u at all