Saturday, December 11, 2010

Answer me, cupid!

We are not gonna get 'us'
We both knows we just go with the flow
We tried and tired with those lies
Maybe we try and maybe we just let it die
But I'm still high
And wondering why

Together u and me
We can touch the sky
Wrote our names at the rainbows and clouds
The stars will be shining
Birds will be singing
Celebrating the feeling
But that's only when I'm dreaming

As we walked on down by the street
I know u can hear my heartbeat
I'm pretty mess up and reckless
Don't left me hopeless and senseless
Cupid, please take me out
I need to stay away
Save me
I'm drowning even there's no ocean, here and there

Love is fool
Love is blind
I don't know how and why I'm still believe in love
Is it love?
Or just an act?
Answer me, cupid!
Don't tell me lies
Tell me the truth
Even it's hurt
Because, big girls don't cry

And I'll be just fine

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