Monday, December 20, 2010

She's my mama! Thx God u are my mom

Last nite i had a conversation with my mom bout love and said u have to find someone who's u can cope with...can accept the way u are, love u unconditionally, treat u right n blablabla. Mom said, I'm lucky to have parents likes her and daddy. Because they are the most sporting parents ever! ( i agree with that 100%) But I just said, mom I think u might find bunch of boys for me so that i just can pick them! Next,next,next (say it with snapping my fingers...hahaha). Then she's said marriage with no feeling is the hardest thing, darling! Hahaha...but mom seriously I'm fed up with finding some men! Can i just wait??? She thinks I'm just joking (yeahhh...sometimes I did but most of the time I'm serious) Actually, i dun even know what I want. I'm still lost! Its not that I want to get married in a hurry. But, I'm wondering who's I'm gonna end up with??? Nahhh...I'm still young! So for the time being of waiting for Mr.Right, I'm gonna just relax and live my life. I know he's out there. Hey, Mr! Whoever and wherever u are...just give me a sign!


  1. ur mr.rite will come sumday..i believe dat one day sum1 will open ur heart.. no worries lalink.. i'll owez pray for ur own sake..wut da besh 4 u, it's also da besh to me... :)

  2. i hope so, yunk!
    hey mr.rite can juz plz be hurry??? haha
    i'll pray 4 u too ;p
    thx lalinkkkkk

  3. u r most,most,most welkam lalink..
    plenty of patience and owez pray to God Almighty...
    ♥♥~ :)