Wednesday, October 20, 2010

dun hate the player! hate the game, baby!!!

first, when we met i like u then i luv u
it's easy to fall in luv with sum1 like u
but easy come easy go
and i juz go with the flow
every lil things that u said its all a big lies
but i'm just act like i dun know anything
coz i want to see how far u would go

it's time for me to say gud bye
coz i'm done with no more tries
i dun want to be fooled with your lies
u would see me no more tears in my eyes
and i have to fly so high
leaving you with questions why's?

easy to answer why
coz i'm giving u what u deserve in a first place
it's all bout karma, baby
dun hate me...juz hate the game
the game that u create
we juz the player
and i'm playing by the rules
what u give u'll get back
gud luck in your journey...onwards!

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