Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alhamdulillah...finally i've got a placement for my internship!

it's been hard days for me and my friends seeking for our internship first i felt kinda excited,worried,scared and bla bla bla. many companies asked us why our requirement for internship is 2 months? we only takes for 3 months...minimum! haihhhh...sometimes my tongue kinda stuttered to gives an answers. some of them give a look like something wrong with us. but most of them giving a good response =)

last week we all goes to carrier fair at mid valley...ohh there's some in relevant q's they asked me such as "r u Malaysian?" i look different from other Malaysian??? only Allah knows.
damn...i'm so stressed out,man! on that day, for the 1st time i ate nasi ayam penyet! it's so delicious hehe ;p

today...Alhamdulillah finally i've got a placement for my internship =)